Applications of Digital Signage across Industries
Affordable, easy-to-use signage systems for 12 markets.

From retailers and malls to airports and universities, Signro Digital Signage solutions  play a key role in helping organizations connect with customers and employees. For companies struggling to have more meaningful interactions with their stakeholders, digital signage displays make an excellent platform for engaging communication. Our solutions turn browsers into customers and employees into brand ambassadors all while enhancing brand awareness.


Cloud Based CMS

Signro CMS is a true cloud based content management system. There are no apps to download. Clients can access our CMS anywhere in the world.



Signro Players need to WIFI or Ethernet Internet connection to live automatic update media contents and screening config layout files.


Display Screen

Signro application supports full HD, 4k and 5k display screens. It will auto handle the resolution, width and the height based on the display screen resolution.

Make your responsive play list in few steps

Signro is providing all kind of screens supported output rich media contents. No worry about the screen size. It will automatically modify for different screen sizes.